Introductory interview with Péter Molnár, the Csepel Bicycle Service Center and managing director of Bike Factory project creator When you hear the name to Csepel bicycle, you probably all know.

 And when we say: Bike Factory? Maybe even a few people know what it is. To this two what to do with each other?

 Imagine a five-time Hungarian champion road bike riders who started the wholesale of bicycles Schwinn Csepel more than 20 years. A well-established and dynamic company quickly outgrow itself and more to come: a stable base warehouse, new machinery, sales office. And as a bicycle racer in progress, a creative entrepreneur carry the new and unique ideas on the road for business. In addition to the Csepel Bicycle Service Center and managing director, Molnár Péter, managing a successful business, it launched a project called Bike Factory road. Imagine, internal processes tailored to the specific needs of industrial and bicycles with the image of companies, which provide the necessary needs assessment condition. Whether a fleet of cars that help logistics outside the company, "the factory bike", ie industrial cycle, if you like the company's "internal fleet," which serves as the internal logistics and workflow ease. 

How does all of this and what it covers exactly?

 It is also the inventor and CEO of Csepel Bicycle Center, Molnár Péter spoke about the idea. through an individual concept involved constructing bicycles, which can be used to facilitate any logistics process and accelerate the area of ​​that company's premises. Whether it is working directly on large area production, or providing any service brands representing companies whose essential to the efficient internal logistics manage them, in order to save time and money to comply with the quality, quantity and timing requirements. 

If a company does a that needs bicycles, how to self assess exactly what type to choose? 

These do not have to deal with the head of a private company, since we have acquired over many decades of experience in this segment. I went to the factory and I met quite a few more unique solution requirements and knowledgeable professionals as bicycles. As every company comes in different economic sectors, logistics processes can solve otherwise. First, map out the company's internal work procedures: what's going on off-road transport, which transport parts, tools or other implements to be solved. Then, we can say that bikes equipped with what may be the most optimal. 

Many companies may have also thought about this, or perhaps it is this process can solve the traditional bicycles. How are these bikes out of the ordinary? 

There were companies who are thought to have been carried out to solve bikes logistics processes. Thousands were looking for us, so it is no secret that the idea was above all the market needs. However, in relation to their capacity to be used as conventional bikes many times we met a constant tire problems, carrying baskets ongoing damage, heavy transport in tight corridors, slow progress. tailored to these needs include adequate reinforced tires and run-flat tires as well. While a standard two-wheel load of approximately 30 kg, 60 kg weight will be manufactured bicycle-supporting or three-wheeled containers as well. The carrying baskets converted to meet the specific training. Due to the small transport corridors designed custom thumbnail size bike cornering ease. Advanced usability features and the corresponding target. a pleasure to requests inspiring ideas studies have been McHale Hungária Kft. Finland 20, while Hungary was delivered in five pieces of industrial bike and ready to operate in the domestic stock, internal processes with their own logo for the BI-KA Logistics Kft. custom-made bicycles. 

Due to the unique needs of enterprise mapping becomes it special bike and its services? 

Not only from! After all, the bikes on demand or stained in colors and provided with the company logo of the respective businesses and thus becomes part of an individual customer's image, and self-image to fit. We offer a complete package of unique on-site measurement to the bikes and their maintenance that delivery of this program. do not let your hands after customer needs analysis and performance. Quarterly service pack ensure that the bicycles preserve their value. All this summary, the main goal, our mission of reaching as many products as environmentally conscious company to strengthen internal logistics processes within companies, all linked by reducing the time and cost factors, workflows by facilitating the mutual satisfaction in mind.

This product BIKE FACTORY. Logistics on two wheels.


FACTORY BIKE, 5000 Szolnok, Thököly út 97. Tel.: 0620/374-1404
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